People are the greatest assets of an organisation. But non-performing assets (employees) can cause your organisation millions of dollars maintaining them. The key lies in identifying and implementing performance management and remuneration strategies to drive business results. This workshop will be conducted with a good blend of lecture, interaction, case studies, experience sharing and WSQ assessments. The intended audience for this course are individuals interested in Leadership and People Management; participants of organisational Talent Development / Retention Program / New Manager Program and professionals interested in personal development..

Programme Content

Workshop Description You will learn the knowledge and skill to establish and implement performance management and remuneration strategies in the organisation to drive business results. Competency Elements Develop and implement team plans to meet business objectives, which includes managing team performance to achieve business results and rewarding team performance.

Course Deliveries

Knowledge At the end of the workshop, the participant will know about: Organisational policies and procedures relating to development of team plans, identification and management of risks, remuneration and performance management Legal and ethical considerations relating to performance management Professional or industry codes of practice and standards relating to remuneration and performance management Theories and concepts on performance management and incentives Market trends and developments related to remuneration and performance management Abilities At the end of the workshop, the participant will be able to: Work with team leaders to develop team plans in accordance to expected performance Identify, request and allocate resources required for teams to implement the team plans Identify the success criteria to evaluate team performance Provide regular feedback to team leaders to maintain awareness of expected and actual performance to make improvement Manage and reward team leader performance in accordance with organisational policies and procedures to achieve expected performance Support team leaders to manage issues relating to employee performance to achieve team results Identify and monitor potential risks of strategic impact to business objectives to develop mitigation strategies Analyse data on team performance to prepare recommendations to enhance future activities and performance of the team Consult stakeholders to obtain inputs and garner support on team plans Assess emotional states of team leaders and respond appropriately to emotional cues when managing performance across teams to ensure individual needs are addressed


2 Full-Day 16 Hours


Eligibility: Minimum 16 years old (Course Fee Support is only applicable to trainees aged 21 years and above) Primary PSLE Must be able to speak, read and write in English and demonstrate competency at Level 3 for Employability Skills (ES) WSQ Workplace Literacy and Numeracy




  1. Singaporean & PR aged 21 and above = 70% funding.

  2. Singaporeans only (not PR) aged 40 and above = 90% funding.

  3. Singaporeans aged 35-39 with WSS letter = 70% funding.

Company-Sponsored (till end of 2020)

  1. Singaporeans & PRs aged 21 years and above are allowed 90% funding.

  2. Absentee Payroll applies for company sponsored up to $10/training hour. Please use Absentee Payroll calculator provided by SSG to calculate the absentee payroll for your employee.


All information is correct at time of publish (18 August 2020). The company reserves the rights to make any changes at any time without notice at its discretion.

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