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If you are looking at improving your Word skills after knowing the basics, this ICDL Word Advanced Course will help you to create professional document. This course further helps learners with the basic and intermediate level of Microsoft Word knowledge to further enhance the complexity of creating a variety of professional documents.. User: Higher working personnel who are required to do report writing, meeting minutes and etc. Typically, they are people like Admin Executives, Personal Assistants or Journalists.. A brief of items covered below: Use advanced text formatting features to enhance formatting and output of a document Apply referencing features to documents Use advanced functions to enhance productivity Manage collaborative editing to a document

Course Deliveries

Text and Paragraph Formatting Considerations for Designing a Word Document Advanced Find and Replace Options Using and Customizing AutoCorrect Create & Insert AutoText Positioning Graphics Change Line Spacing & Spacing btw Paragraphs Applying Paragraph Pagination Apply, Create, Modify and Delete a Style Outline Level Styles Create Bulleted and Numbered Lists Use & Format Columns & Column Break Advanced Table Formatting Using Table Styles Merging and Splitting Cells/Tables Converting Text to Table or Table to Text Working with Sorting and Formulas Adjusting Table Alignment and Text Wrapping Working with Cell Formatting Repeating Header Rows and Applying Row Breaks Formatting the Page Using Page Breaks Working with Section Breaks Applying Section Formatting Using Headers and Footers Working with Watermarks Working with References Using Footnotes and Endnotes Working with Captions & Table of Figures Creating & Use of Table of Contents Create, Mark, Insert and Update of Index Using Bookmarks Using Cross-references Working with Fields and Forms Working with Field Codes Creating a New Form Adding Content Controls Assigning Help to Form Content Controls Preparing the Form for Distribution Filling Out a Form Performing Advanced Mail-Merging Editing the Data Source Selecting Different Type of Data Source Inserting Rules Fields Linking and Embedding Insert, Edit & Delete Hyperlinks Differences between Linked and Embedded Objects Linking Object Embedding Object Automation with Macros Recording a Macro Playing and Deleting a Macro Adding a Macro to Toolbar Using Collaborative Editing Tools Tracking Revisions Accepting and Rejecting Revisions Using Comments Comparing and Combining Documents Password Protecting a Document Protecting a Document Managing Outlines and Long Documents Creating a Document in Outline View Rearranging an Outline or Long Document Numbering an Outline Viewing an Outline Navigating Long Documents Working with Master Documents Expand, Insert & Remove Subdocuments Make a Subdocument Part of the Master Document


24 hrs





  1. Singaporean & PR aged 21 and above = 70% funding.

  2. Singaporeans only (not PR) aged 40 and above = 90% funding.

  3. Singaporeans aged 35-39 with WSS letter = 70% funding.

Company-Sponsored (till end of 2020)

  1. Singaporeans & PRs aged 21 years and above are allowed 90% funding.

  2. Absentee Payroll applies for company sponsored up to $10/training hour. Please use Absentee Payroll calculator provided by SSG to calculate the absentee payroll for your employee.


All information is correct at time of publish (18 August 2020). The company reserves the rights to make any changes at any time without notice at its discretion.

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