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This course, ICDL Secure Use of IT (IT Security), is designated for individuals who want to understand the main concepts underlying the secure use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in daily life and to use relevant techniques and applications to maintain a secure network connection, use the internet safely and securely, and manage data and information appropriately. IT Security will benefit individuals as the skills needed to understand the key concepts relating to the importance of secure information and data, physical security, privacy, and identity theft will be covered. Besides, they will also be certified with best practice in IT Security and be developed with input from computer users, subject matter experts, and practicing computer professionals from all over the world. This process ensures the relevance and range of the course content.

Course Deliveries

Security Concepts Recognize Data Threats from various sources Understand Cybercrime and Hacking Understand the Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability of Information Identify privacy protection, retention and control principles Understand the term Identity Theft and its implications for Personal Security Methods of identity theft : skimming, pretexting and information diving File Security using encryption and it's limitation Malware Definition and Function Recognized types of malware and how it works. Eg. Adware, ramsonware, keystroke loggin Use of Protection methods such as scanning and Anti-virus software Minimize risks of obsolete and unsupported software Network Security Network administrator role to manage authentication, authorization, installing updates on Network Connections Different Wireless Security and limitations of WEP, WPA2, MAC and SSID Access Control by username, password, PIN, encryption and multi-factor authentication Secure Web Use Methods to identify Authenticity of Website such as security certificate and validating domain owner Potential danger in Social Networking such as malicious links, cyber bullying and fraudulent content Communications Identify fraudulent and unsolicited E-mails Security vulnerabilities in Instant Messaging and VoIP Secure Data Management Securing and Backing Up Data using the physical locks and access control Distinguish types of Secure Destruction Non-permanent content deletion in social network, blog or cloud services


16 hrs





  1. Singaporean & PR aged 21 and above = 70% funding.

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  3. Singaporeans aged 35-39 with WSS letter = 70% funding.

Company-Sponsored (till end of 2020)

  1. Singaporeans & PRs aged 21 years and above are allowed 90% funding.

  2. Absentee Payroll applies for company sponsored up to $10/training hour. Please use Absentee Payroll calculator provided by SSG to calculate the absentee payroll for your employee.


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