The WSQ Diploma in Service Leadership aims to groom service leaders (Level 4) with the skills and competencies to operationalise and implement service excellence for their organisations. With a primary focus on developing leadership skills, individuals will also be introduced to job redesign, customer analytics, as well as fostering service innovation in their team. The course is developed under the Service Excellence Competency Framework which aims to provide a whole-of-company capability development roadmap for organisations, so companies can create and define their desired service experience. This programme is available in both English and Chinese.

Programme Content

Modules To achieve a full qualification in WSQ Professional Diploma in Leadership & People Management, you need to complete 8 competency modules comprising of 6 Core and 2 Elective units. These 2 elective units may be Technical Skills and Competencies (TSCs) referencing any Skills Framework, taken from within the same level or from one level above or below each qualification level. Core Units Develop New Products/Services Learn how to innovate product or service offerings and ensure that it is in line with the customer's needs and expectations. Foster Service Innovation Promote service innovation culture within the organisation and lead your team in generating service innovation ideas. Optimise Workforce for Service Excellence Acquire the fundamental skills on how to develop manpower resource plan and evaluate performance of team in line with the service operations plan. Analyse Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction To Develop Service Recovery Framework It covers the knowledge and skills in analysing service quality and customer satisfaction. It includes develop service recovery framework and implement improvement plans to close the service gaps. Lead with Service Vision This unit covers knowledge and application skills in leading a team to deliver service excellence that is in line with the organisation's customer-focused strategy. It includes promoting a customer-centric environment and analysing the team's performance to identify areas of improvement. Develop Service Operations This unit covers knowledge and application skills to develop a service operations plan in order to deliver service excellence. It involves developing a service operations plan which is in line with the customer-focused strategy, communicating the service operations plan to the team, evaluating the service operations performance and implementing corrective action for improvement. Manage Partnerships for Service Excellence This competency unit discuss the knowledge and application skills to establish and maintain relationships to enhance service excellence. It addresses how to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of service partnerships and implement continual improvements to strengthen relationships with service partners.

Course Deliveries

Individuals with this qualification will be able to apply, integrate, and contextualise leadership and people management skills and knowledge in a range of professional and specialist work activities in a variety of contexts, some of which are unpredictable. Trainees will acquire a strategic and critical understanding of current developments in leadership, people management, and managerial approaches and be able to engage in substantial organisational and resource management, with full accountability and significant autonomy for their own and others' processes and outputs within broadly defined boundaries.


14 days





  1. Singaporean & PR aged 21 and above = 70% funding.

  2. Singaporeans only (not PR) aged 40 and above = 90% funding.

  3. Singaporeans aged 35-39 with WSS letter = 70% funding.

Company-Sponsored (till end of 2020)

  1. Singaporeans & PRs aged 21 years and above are allowed 90% funding.

  2. Absentee Payroll applies for company sponsored up to $10/training hour. Please use Absentee Payroll calculator provided by SSG to calculate the absentee payroll for your employee.


All information is correct at time of publish (18 August 2020). The company reserves the rights to make any changes at any time without notice at its discretion.

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  3. The Training Provider (ATO) reserves the rights to postpone or cancel the course if the course does not meet the minimum learners required.

Application Procedures:

  1. Applications can enquire online or through email or WhatsApp. We will be in touch with you for the documents required to complete your registration

  2. Upon your seat confirmation, you will receive a confirmation email from the training provider.

  3. Payment must be made prior to the commencement of the course.


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