Frequently Asked Questions


We came out with some Frequently Asked Questions for you to understand what are we doing

 01  Why choose to register your course with iFuture?

By registering with iFuture, you can have a one stop service for your lifelong learning journey. You will have a personal consultant attached to you and you can easy get information from 1 source. You will get updated on new courses and learning news from the chats group and our information email.



 02  Can i register directly with the Training Centre?

Yes, for some schools/ Training Provider they do have public run schedule but for some they don't. Do note that some schools will postpone the course if the minimum number is not met


 03  Why would Training Provider engage iFuture to market their courses?.

Some Training Provider do not have a sales team to assist them in marketing and some would like marketing companies to reach out to more people that their sales team have missed. Outsourced Marketing will help the training provider focus what they know best.



 04  What benefit will i get to register with iFuture than direct with the school?
  • Speed (Save Time) - You can choose from a range of different courses than going to different centre to enquire about the course. This might takes a while as they have many enquires to attend to.

  • Convenience ( Save Trouble) - 1 stop service for many courses and you would get a better fit for the course than to attend one that the training centre is providing


 05  Would there be a different in both ways of registering?

As mentioned, you might need to call in and enquire about any problems and issues with the training provider.. Whereas, your personal consultant are able to provide you with a quick answer by just a message or a phone call away.

 06  Do i need to pay more for such personal service?

No, this service is free for those register with iFuture. Course fee would be the same for WSQ courses as the fee is approved by SSG. Therefore we are not able to charge any fee.



 07  How do i register to be a learner for a course?

If you are interested to be our learner, you can contact us via our contact page and we will contact you soon or you may call us @ 6849 5426 during office hours or send a WhatsApp message to 8155 6920 which is more convenience to you.


 08  How many courses does iFuture currently marketing?

We have about 40 courses and we are still getting more courses from WSQ level 1 to level 4 courses.


 09  Do i need to pay money to attend courses?

You can pay by:

  1. Skillsfuture Credit

  2. Post Secondary Education Account (PSEA)

  3. Cash

 10  Would i be getting certification after completing the course?

Yes, if you are competent, you will receive a WSQ certification which is available via

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